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Invest in green and clean assets to make monthly returns and offset your footprint 🌱

4 Million Kg of CO2

Over 4 million KG of CO2e offset till date

Get paid for going green !

Pyse lets you diversify your investment portfolio with the help of market independent, alternative assets that also create social and environmental impact.


Start investing with an amount as low as $10


Monthly returns

Earn monthly returns that include both principal and interest


Real world Asset

Invest in tangible assets that are insured and backed by revenue contracts



Investment creates visible social and environmental impact


What do you invest in ?

Real world tangible assets used by clients that pay you every month

EV lease tenures range between 1-3 years. This makes it ideal for medium tenure investment goals and faster principal recovery

Become a part of the rapidly growing last mile logistics market by mobilising the EVs that run the industry

Movable and medium term EV project lease come with higher IRRs and faster capital realisation

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It's all about Trust

We grow only when you can trust us. On pyse, only 1% of the deals we evaluate pass through our checklist. And projects that have the `pyse verified` tag are `bulletproof`



Steps to minimise default in payment by closing only credible clients



Steps to safeguard your monthly returns in case of payment default



Steps to safeguard quality of the invested assets



Steps to ensure healthy operations and maintenance of the assets


Completed deals


Tata Communications






What is pyse plus ?

Pyse Plus is just like Pyse, but even better. Get access to 6 new features to make your green investments even more awesome!

  • International solar and EV assets
  • Dollar returns
  • Pre-tax investments
  • Gift investments
  • Partial exits
  • Invest as low as ₹5,000

Questions & Answers

Investing in an asset on Pyse means you own a part of that asset. Your money is used to buy a valuable fraction of a green asset that generates revenue from electricity generated in case of solar energy projects or monthly rentals from the leasing of EVs and water treatment plants. When you invest in any investment pool on pyse, your money goes towards buying physical equipments to set up a solar plant/water treatment plant or buying vehicles from manufacturers directly. Investments on pyse are always visible and highly secure on our blockchain architecture.

On Pyse, your investment options are diverse and impactful to your portfolio. You can chose from a range of investment pools all having different returns and lock-in periods. You can invest in investment pools that contain projects operated by only listed companies that less risky with lower returns. Or you can chose to invest in pools that have start-up leases that are riskier but with higher upsides. Each project provides different returns that you can view on the platform alogn with the risks before investing.

When all the money is gathered in the investment pools, it goes into SPVs (special purpose vehicles). These are special companies that just own physical assets that you invest in and sign contracts for income, like PPAs and leases. The money these SPVs make each month is what we send back to the investors as their monthly income.

Yes. Since we deal with capital deployed in the real world, there are regulatory mandates to maintain KYC compliances. We use third party GDPR complaint services to perform the KYC and no documents or sensitive information is sotred on our databases.

Your returns will be transferred monthly, directly to your wallet for each investment you make. You can withdraw your wallet amount at anytime directly to your KYC verified bank account.


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